Take A Moment: Press Pause

caregiver, spouse, child, friend, and clinician

caregiver, spouse, child, friend, and clinician

By Torre Boyd

Take a moment

When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is okay to take a moment to pause and have a mental health moment or moments depending on how overwhelmed you may be feeling.

Pausing has helped me to find my center and to bring back creativity at times when I feel as if my well has run dry.

It can give you a chance just to be; you can at that moment slow down your thoughts and be your most authentic self.

The daily grind of life, and the many roles that we have as individuals, make you feel heavy from the weight of the responsibilities and expectations of others and even yourself that you may have integrated over time.

Take a moment to pause in order to free yourself from these roles, if even for a moment.
To be grateful that you still have the opportunity to empower yourself and to change any behaviors that you deem not a part of your identity anymore.

What you deem worthy of your self-identity will change as we continue to grow into the people we are meant to be along this life journey.

There is no such thing as perfect, and when you are standing in your truth (whatever that may be for you) during your PAUSE, you may realize that you are enough and that you are doing enough. Sometimes taking this mini-break, is all that we need to be able to push through to the next hurdle or to reframe this next plot twist in your journey.


I had to pause just this week, when I had overbooked myself with activities and commitments. I tend to say yes and then figure out the logistics after. I am an advocate for failing fast and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. On that particular day, I had just finished working my full-time position, completed my internship hours at my site, and realized that I still had course work that was due that night, along with going to the gym.

In order to find the will to complete the rest of my agenda I chose to PAUSE and take a moment to pull it together and to sort of motivate myself as to why I had chose this path on my life journey and how this was leading me to my most authentic self. While pausing, I came to the conclusion that I needed to take my commitments step by step until the process was over and not to think about it as a never ending story. After I pause and take a moment to myself I envision myself at a place like this, which is my happy place.

pause msbhc blog.png

There is something about the water and the scenery that just calms me. This will look different to everyone. I’ve met someone whose happy place was going to the grocery store without her kids.

Taking a moment to pause and gain clarity will not happen overnight.
It is a skill that needs to be developed overtime.

Over time I have had to learn this skill whenever I started to feel overwhelmed. I do not know about you, but I tend to do better when I have multiple things going on in life until I start to get too busy. When you add in working full time, internship, classes, and making sure your clients are getting the best care, among other things .... Well, I have a better understanding of why people want to check themselves in just from sheer exhaustion.

Everyone has different paths in their life journey, but sometimes we can become overwhelmed and forget to take care of ourselves.

So my tip for you is to pause, allow yourself time to soak it in, recharge, and then figure out your next move.

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What are some ways that you can implement a PAUSE in your life?

Torre Boyd is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student at Walden University with over 8 years’ mental health experience. She also holds a Psychology degree from Trinity Washington University. Her professional philosophy is to help people to live their truth, especially military, first responders, and police officers.

Torre Boyd is a Graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University. She is currently interning at a private practice in the DMV and has over 8 years’ mental health experience specializing in anxiety and depression. You can follow her Instagram page therapistlife
to see some of the education she is providing to help people live their truth.

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