Maintaining Balance During the Holidays When You are the Boss

By Benita Thornhill

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Your mind may be buzzing away with everything that needs to be done before the holidays begin. This can result in increased feelings of stress and anxiety.  Thankfully with a little preparation and planning, you can keep your balance during the holidays and lessen feelings of overwhelm. Actually, you could have your best holiday seasons yet!

Here are 7 ways to WORK LIKE A BOSS and still ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS like a rock star:

1.      Make a list of the naughty and the nice.

There will always be things that we don’t particularly enjoy doing. This is especially so during the holidays when you are trying to close the year out and get ready for the next. Making a list of all the projects you have to do and creating a plan of action to complete them by their deadlines will help you to keep your focus and keep your priorities straight

Lists are not just for work, but also for home.
Including both on your list will help you to stay one step ahead at home and at work.

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2.      Leave the nooks and crannies for the muffins.

It can be very tempting to try to cram everything you have to do into every spare minute of the day and night. However, this approach will definitely increase your feelings of stress and anxiety and stalemate your creativity.

Include downtime in your schedule to rest and refresh your mind. You will find that your resourcefulness and patience will increase.
Try to continue getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

3.      It’s been said many times, but communication with your clients is essential.

Let your clients know what your holiday hours are in advance. Inform them of days when your office will close early or close completely.

Make sure they know what to do if an emergency arises. Change your voicemail to reflect your holiday hours.

4.      You don’t have elves but you do have technology.

Familiarize yourself with apps that will automate your social media accounts. You can set up your social media content to post in advance. This will allow you to maintain consistent contact with your audience across all of your social platforms. It will also encourage you to organize your social media campaigns, which in the long run, will save you a lot of time and energy.

5.      Flying Reindeer don’t work for you.

You can’t be everywhere at once. It is important to check in with yourself to see what your expectations are for yourself, and then set your personal and professional boundaries accordingly.

Setting boundaries (yes, the ones you teach your clients about) will protect your time and keep you from wearing yourself out emotionally and physically.

6.      Being merry isn’t just for snowmen.

The holiday season is a great time to network. Take the opportunity to send hand written notes or cards that have an upbeat, friendly and heart-warming message. Introduce yourself to at least three new people during those jolly, holiday parties and be sure to get their business cards so that you can expand your networking connections.

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7.      There really is no place like home.

When you are home, be fully present. Thinking about work or what you have not crossed off your to do list will diminish the joy of simply being with your family and loved ones and enjoying all of the laughter and love.

When you feel your mind starting to wonder, use your bag of mindfulness tricks, exercise gratefulness and be fully present exactly where you are.


MSBHC seeks to connect military spouses with their peers in order to gain and give support and to share knowledge and best practices with each other.

How do you plan to maintain balance between working and celebrating the holidays?


Benita Thornhill is an LPCA, Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, and the owner of Coastal Carolina Wellness Connection. Her husband is a former Naval Surface Warfare Officer and a Disabled Veteran. She specializes in helping couples create their very own “happily ever after” and in helping individuals build a life that they love living.

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