There are over 1.2 million military spouses worldwide today. Many volunteer to support service members, veterans, their families and members of their communities. A select few choose helping as a career, all while navigating military life with all that it entails - PCS moves, deployments, frequent separations and the stress that comes with military life.

We get you. We are military spouses too.

We are committed to supporting those who choose to serve by caring for the mental and emotional health of our service members, veterans, their families and even the civilian community.

We are here to support YOU on your journey as a mental health professional.

We are a diverse group: Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, ABA Therapists, Clinical, School and I/O Psychologists; from those Still Not in School to Graduate Students, from the Soon-to-Be Licensed to Licensed and Seasoned Professionals, and everyone in between.

We have spouse members from every mental health profession. At every stage. 

If this is you, then MSBHC is your new home.


Our Mission:

CONNECT: MSBHC seeks to connect military spouses with their peers in order to gain and give support and to share knowledge and best practices with each other.

ACHIEVE: Our goal is to help to ease all of the educational, employment and licensure hurdles that military spouses face as they navigate through military life while in pursuit of a career in the mental health profession. We hope to accomplish this by providing them with access to all of the necessary resources and support they need at every stage

IMPACT: A mental health crisis exists within the military and greater civilian community. The rate of suicide and other psychological health concerns have skyrocketed, especially within our military community after over 16 continuous years of war. MSBHC seeks to help provide access to a culturally competent behavioral health workforce that stands ready and willing to help tackle the mental health crisis within our military community and beyond.

Our Vision:

Is to help military spouses achieve their career aspirations, to help them find the means to support their families, to give them the opportunity to give back to our military and civilian communities. This is our hope and our philosophy as an organization. To bring together and support a group of military spouses who are passionate about what they do - and to support our military and civilian communities in the process. 

Founded in 2012, what makes us unique is that MSBHC is an organization founded by military spouse clinicians for military spouse clinicians - and the very first focused on mental health. We offer support to our veteran spouses, former spouses, military fiancés, girlfriends, even veterans themselves.