There are 1.2 million military spouses worldwide today. Countless others are veteran spouses. Many volunteer in their communities to support our service members and their families. A select few choose helping as a career.

We are committed to supporting those who choose to serve by supporting the mental and emotional health of our service members, veterans, their families and the civilian community.

We are a diverse group: Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists; Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Soon-to-Be Licensed, Licensed, Seasoned Professionals, and everyone in between.

If this is you, then the Military Spouses Behavioral Health Clinicians organization is your new home.

Our Mission:

To improve access to education, employment and licensure resources for all military spouses in the behavioral health field with the goal of improving behavioral health services for our service members, veterans, their families and our civilian communities.

Our Vision:

To benefit military spouse behavioral health clinicians by connecting them with all of the financial, educational, and professional resources necessary to attain their educational and professional goals. This is an organization by military spouse clinicians for military spouse clinicians.